Welcome to Land of Enfigment
The home of Lloyd Kreitzer, the Fig Man of New Mexico


From my collection of Historical New Mexico Fig trees, I have, for sale, 20 to 25 varieties for 2016.


I'm pleased to announce that my business is for sale as of October 27, 2015. I look forward to training the next fig person of New Mexico! If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at 505.266.8000 or email me.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Name: The History of Figs in New Mexico
Date & Time: Saturday, April 30th 2016, 2:30 to 4:00pm
Location: Special Collections Library on Central and Edith
Address: 423 Central Ave., NE; Albuquerque, NM 87102
Cost: Free

Workshop Name: Fig Propagation Workshop
Date & Time: Thursday, May 19th 2016, 2:00 to 4:00pm
Location: Santa Fe Botanical Garden
Address: 715 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Cost: $20

Workshop Name: How To Successfully Grow Fig Trees in Sandoval County
Date & Time: Thursday, May 26th 2016, 1:00 to 4:00pm
Location: Sandoval County Master Gardeners
Address: 711 Camino del Pueblo; Bernalillo, N.M. 87004

Workshop Name: Let's Do... Branch!
Date & Time: Sunday, June 12th 2016, 10:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Open Space Visitor Center
Address: 6500 Coors Blvd NW; Albuquerque, NM 87120
Cost: Free
Description: These workshops will cover air layering which is a 4,000 year old Chinese cloning technique for any plant from rosemary to fruit trees.

I am available to facilitate workshops! If you are interested in having me do a workshop for your organization, please contact me and we can discuss in further detail. Also, if you are interested in learning more about these upcoming workshops, please contact me at 505.266.8000 or email me.

Please enjoy the site, I hope it can answer your questions about figs and fig trees. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


"There is a special joy about being with figs because they are so ancient and so patient. They will be the last plant to leaf or fig in the spring. So do not be surprised if a month or two or five passes and then suddenly they leaf out."

Lloyd Kreitzer

The best, unique, beautifully, handcrafted Fig Tree jewelry.

Made with semi-precious stones that I have ever seen, by my daughter Laura TK.

Visit her site to see more!

Markets in your area where you can find me. Details Here


 Fig Leaf Tea:
             This tea tastes similar to camomile tea. It can help reduce cholesterol, help balance blood sugar
             and stimulate blood circulation.   Includes brief medical report - Using tea to treat type 1 diabetes
             We also have fresh leaves you can dry for tea or other uses.     

1 Bag Dried Natural Fig Leaf Tea (approximately 1 oz) $20.00 + S&H        

20 Fresh Fig Leaves for $18.00 + S&H
             S&H  $6.00 for 1-3 bags or 20 fresh leaves

***Note -- Fresh Fig Leaves are only available in the Summer.***

Fig Teas

 Fig Soap: One bar coconut-olive-palm-fig leaf-fig fruit high lather soap                                 $6.00 + S&H
             A very 'silky' soap with a nice coconut smell... Great shaving Soap.
             This soap is great if you have hard water.
             S&H  $6.00 for 1-3 bars     

Fig Soaps

Need other purchase options Contact me



 I want people on a part-time basis to assist me for a few hours at the growers' markets which are during the week or week-end. Prefer Master Gardeners or people with good backgrounds generally in gardening, good communication skills, who enjoy the interaction with people and enjoy the sense of community and camaraderie. Training and knowledge in growing of Fig trees, Pomegranates and Chinese dates will be taught. Then these trained people will represent me at their local growers markets ...all over the state and region. This is a volunteer and/or sometimes paid position! Please contact Lloyd Kreitzer at 505 266-8000 for the details

              Workshops in your area (See FAQ for details or to schedule a workshop)

               **  Your City  (Contact me and let's set up a workshop!)

        The Fig Man Specializes in:

  • Pruning fig trees citywide (Feb. to Oct.)
  • Sell Fig trees from up to 400 year old New Mexico stock - Over 50 varieties
  • Non-greenhouse and greenhouse raised
  • Author of local fig manual and recipes
  • Consultant / Advisor for non-bearing trees
  • Fig leaf tea (Ask me about this)
  • Gift certificates
  • Bare root sales during winter, early spring
  • Individualized Apprenticeships and....
  • Workshops (see FAQ).

Fig Fact!

Every leaf from every different variety of fig tree is different, like snowflakes.

Figs are the great teachers of patience!


We have Paypal invoicing available to expedite the sale of which ever tree you choose. The "Fig Man" will personalize each sale to ensure your satisfaction, and email you an invoice to finalize the sale.

 Over 50 varieties from $45 on up for heirloom historical non-nursery varieties.
All from the Albuquerque & New Mexico area, making them very hardy.
I also have Chinese date trees (see FAQ) and -6 degree Pomegranates too!

Gift Certificates available.
* Shipping to the Continental United States is Listed
** Please email for shipping rates outside the Continental United States